Zipblinds also known as Ziptrack is getting its popularity in Singapore over these past years due to its track-guided system with no gap inbetween each set of blinds. Our latest Zipblinds WideVue can cover a maximum width of 6m long and up to 3m high in a single panel set itself. It offers unblock paranomic view and repel insects and filter debris. It is capable of withstanding strong wind and creates minimal flapping of the blinds. After installation of ZipBlinds, it converts your balcony into usable space and can conserve the aircon within the area. Our USA Phifer fabrics are anti-fungus, UF/fade resistant, water resistant and block up to 95% of rainwater. Varies of options such as child-lock latch, rain sensor, obstacle detection function, convert to motorise, link with smart app and rain guard bumper can be integrated.

Example of ZipBlinds at Condo balcony.