Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds work similarly to Venetian blinds. The difference is that Vertical blinds tend to have wider fabric slat which move left or right when you pull the pulley cord. The slats can be tiled 180 degrees either to allow light to pass through or half tilted to keep out some light. It is ideal for large windows, sliding glass door or even to use it as a partition divider to segregate an area space. Vertical blinds create clean, modern lines in any area and blend seamlessly with your interior décor while adding a stylish finish touch to your windows.

Example of Dimout Vertical Blinds in a Condo’s Sliding Glass Window

Example of Blackout Vertical Blinds in a Condo’s full height Window

Example of Dimout Alternate Mixed Colour of Vertical Blinds in a 3 Room Bto