Korean Combi Blinds

As its name suggest, Korean combi blinds operate just like a roller blinds with dual layer fabric of both opaque and translucent horizontal panels, which can be rolled up or down. As you pull the blinds, these panels will overlap each other seamlessly and allows you to have flexibility of controlling the amount of sunlight to bypass or block off. Korean Combi Blinds are versatile blinds suitable for both residential and commercial. It is commonly known as either Rainbow blinds, Zebra blinds, Shadow Blinds or Day & Night Blinds. They come in various opacity, colours and designs to suit your interior needs. It’s a popular and recommended window blinds as its light weight, easy to operate and comes in anti-static fabric which doesn’t attract dust.

Example of Dimout Korea Combi Blinds which blocks about 50-70% of light depending on the colour/series chosen

Example of Blackout Korea Combi Blinds which blocks about 90-95% of light in an open and close format

Example of Dimout Korea Combi Blinds in gradient colour which enliven the area