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Wallpapers are constantly growing and gaining popularity among interior design lovers. Apart from just as a decorating item at home, it helps prevent wall from damages, cracks and other factors that may affect its durability. For those who feel painting is painful, wallpapers comes in handy.

Wallpapers are available in two materials: paper (nonwoven) and fabric (woven). The wallpaper industry differentiates them according to its usage, for example wallpapers used at residential places differs from those used at public areas.

They differ in weight, quality and durability. Wallpapers for residential purpose are available either in pasted or non-pasted form. For commercial purposes they are divided into categories based on weight, laminate/coating thickness and backing composition.

Even though there isn’t any standard testing for its durability, wallpapers applicable for commercial purposes always go through physical & visual testing for lasting performance.

Our aim is to bring you those alluring wallpapers to beautify your home. We have assorted wallpapers with traditional to trendy patterns, which will enhance the look of the interior as well as match with other home decors. Get inspired by wallpapers collection and we will not disappoint you.