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Curtains is a beautiful accessory you can add to your home or office. Besides from being just a transmission element between you and public, it is becoming a style sentiment for many.

Keeping this into considering, we offer curtains made of carefully selected material and specially sewed by experienced tailors

Reasons to choose curtains

  • Reasons to choose curtains:
  • Prevents direct sunlight entering the room
  • Opaque curtains allows desired sunlight to pass through
  • Semi-transparent or sheer curtains blocks the sunlight totally
  • Prevents outsiders from peeping into your personal life
  • They are beautiful


White Powdered Coated Curtain Track


Sheer / Day Curtain

Sheer fabrics are very lightweight polyester, gauze, chiffon, silk, lace, cotten or linen materials that comes in single colour tone, patterns with thin stripes, dots, embroidery, chervon prints, florals, glitters or metallic designs on it. Sheer curtains can act as a standalone decoration or combine with a night curtain for a more complete appearance for the house. The effect of sheer curtain helps to enhance the ambiance and flow of natural light into the areas. At the same time, offers some privacy during the daytime.


Normal Curtain

Normal curtains are most commonly available in market and it serves to block out light transmission of up to 60%. It is somehow thicker than sheer curtains and it does not allow see-through. As such, it makes it most ideal for living room areas where there can be some light coming in without making the areas too dark.


70% Dim Out Curtain

Dim out also refers as dimmer. Its the most popular choice among consumers due to its large ranges of designs. It is consists of 3 layers with a black layer of fabric in between that helps to minimize light from transmitting through.


95% Dim Out Curtain

In Wallux, you can find many choices when it comes to dim out fabric. We offer luxurious range of fabrics but yet affordable at the same. We offer different ranges of dimmer fabric for customers’ selection where 90 – 95% dimmer is encourage as compare to blackout curtains. They are more affordable, less join lines and require lesser maintenance.


100% Black Out Curtain

Blackout fabrics are most commonly found in hotels, babies rooms etc. It is made up of either tightly woven, extra layered of fabric to black out light from entering the house and it also serves as purpose to help insulate the areas by blocking direct sunlight.

Roman Blinds

Roman shade is another kind of window covering that is stacked/folded up evenly when pull up. It usually comes with a cord system that allows consumers to adjust the height of the fabric panels so that they can control the amount of sunlight from coming through.