We keep our prices relatively low and competitive in market because we keep our customers in mind on their concern for budgeting. By lowering our prices, it does not mean that we will compromise on our quality and standard.

All fabric can be washed. For normal and dimmer fabric, it can be machine wash and iron. However for day and blackout curtains, its best to hand wash or send for dry cleaning.

If you have balance wallpapers left, contact us for replacement. However do note that there will be a minor replacement fee chargeable.

Yes it is advisable to either repaint with matt emulsion paint or water-based sealant for optimal durability of wallpaper lifespan. Reason is because we are not able to guarantee that the developer uses paint that is suitable for wallcovering. Furthermore, sealant can help to minimise water moisture within the walls.

During installation of the wallpaper, the glue paste and air particles may be trapped within. Generally most of the bubbles subside and flatten by itself within a week or so. On very rare cases if it don’t, contact us for installers to drop by to assess. It may be paint issue or debris trap within.

Wallpaper and mural usually take about 1 – 2 days to be semi-dry and close to a week to dry completely. Avoid touching or nailing the walls immediately after installation. Do it at least few days later when the wallpapers are almost completely dry.

It depends on how much areas are to be installed, generally heres a guideline:

For 1 feature wall installation, it takes about 1-2 hours.

For 1 standard room installation, it takes about 2-3 hours.

For a 3-bedded whole house installation, it takes about 1 day if there are 2 or more installers. On general, standby 2 days for installation will be ideal.

If you have floorplan of your house, do email to us and highlight the areas you are intending to put up wallpaper or mural. Indicate what kind of residential you are staying in as well. Alternatively if you do not have a floorplan, you may measure the width and height of the wall. If theres door, do indicate to us. For windows, measure the width and height as well.

You may email us your floorplan, indicate the type of residential and areas needed for wallcovering together with the model number of designs chosen. We can help you to calculate how many rolls are needed for the areas.

Generally in Singapore context, Vinyl with paper-backing wallpapers/murals can last about 8 years. For Vinyl with fabric-backing wallpapers, it can last about 10 years or more.

Bear in mind, the condition of the environment greatly determine the lifespan as well. If theres water leakage within the wall, its best to resolve the issue before putting up wallcovering.

In order to ensure good adhesion and maximise the aesthetic outlook of wallpapering, it is best to plaster or sand finished all walls before wallpaper installation. If you would like to save some cost on plastering and wouldn’t mind the imperfection of wall finishing, you may opt for darker shade of wallpapers as it can delusion the unevenness of walls. Alternatively avoid strong focus light such as LED spot light shining on the walls as it can magnify the flaw of unevenness.

All wall surfaces should be structurally sound and good condition before wallpapers can be installed. If the cracks are very minor or fine lines across, wallpapers can help to minimise the problem. If the cracks are big, wallpapers cannot help to conceal since it basically adhere to the original condition of the walls, same goes for paint.

Wallpaper has relatively good resistance nowadays and provide easy cleaning or maintenance if needed. Bear in mind that wallpaper should only be cleaned when necessary.

  • Paper-surfaced wallpaper cannot be washed with wet cloth/sponge but only with a soft and dry, white clean cloth.
  • Vinyl-surfaced wallpaper has a thin protective plastic layer on top, therefore it can be cleaned and wiped using damp cloth/sponge. If there is stain on wallpaper which damp cloth cannot be removed. You may use damp cloth/sponge with some mild soap/detergent and wipe gently on the wallpaper. After that, use clean dry cloth/sponge to dap dry the area.
  • Never ever use chlorine-based detergents or harsh solution that may damage the wallpaper.
  • Fabric or textile wallpaper such as velvet material is best not to use damp cloth/sponge or in contact with water, however rather use a fine brush and brush it a single direction to remove the dust trapped on the fabric.
  • Avoid vacuuming on wallpapers as it may be prone to scratches. Use feather duster to remove dust instead.
  • If there is visible join line after installation when the wallpaper dries out completely. It may be desirable to conceal the joins by using suitably same coloured crayon, soft pastel, chalk or marker on the join lines. In such way, it minimise the appearance of the join lines by blending the colour close to the wallpaper tone.

If you are not engaging us for installation service, you may get your installer to collect the wallpaper from our showroom. On the other hand if you order more, we are able to provide direct delivery to your house.

Yes our showroom is located at Oxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Road 1, #01-39 Singapore 408734

Do buzz us before coming down so that we can make sure theres sales personnel who can attend to you personally.

Yes definitely, we offer very reasonable price with wide range of wallcovering.

In fact, we cater more as a supplier rather than retailer, we make sure that on time delivery, quality and pricing are met within requirements.

At times, we are letting go some stock at cheap price. Contact us for more information.

Firstly, if you are using it for residential decoration, most of the wallpapers we provide are suitable for it. For lower cost-saving ranges and good durability products, you may look for Korea/korean collections especially the roll size is larger so to say there will be less join lines. On the other hand, our Japan wallpapers are high quality with “almost” no visible join lines after installation. Our Europe wallpapers come in variation of roll sizes and different type of finishing. All are suitable either for residential or commercial, office, hotels, spa, retail etc. Importantly you may wish to consider the type of concepts, designs or themes for your areas.

If you are installing wallcovering for commercial or high-traffic areas, we suggest that you go for vinyl quality in fabric-backing. It has the most durability in wallpaper range and offers a longer lifespan.